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6th-Nov-2008 11:58 am - This is a test. A What? A test.
FOB taun-taun
:D Hi and welcome.

Things are currently in the process of being set up here, so sit back and relax--we're working on it.

What we're hoping to get together for this are some icons, banners, all sorts of good things. I know that there are a lot of FOB communities out there but as it stands, this one's got to be a little more unique.

We do not do news here. No fics, pics, or anything like that. What we want to do with this project is to find a way for fans to be able to experience the band the way they should--no overpriced tier memberships on top of ticket 'deals' or anything.

As I've said we're in the process of working everything out. If you do want to help you can head over to this post and take a gander, maybe contribute. Or even going to this post at truefobinglove or check out the comments on this one at icecreamhdaches.


Thank you.
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