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FOB; Pete; GASP!!!
I'm Sal, hi!
So, Perth show last night.
I posted to fbraustralia and was linked here about this worrying problem of which we were told on Saturday afternoon.

Turns out it wasn't so far from the truth. There were actually hundreds of Optus people let in before anyone else for the Q&A. OCKs got a bit of a compromise, in that EE people were taken in after Optus Q&A finished, and they cleared some of the barrier for us - at the very side (perhaps not worth my US$145). Sidenote: By the time it was over we'd managed to edge our way almost to the centre of the barrier (over 4 metres distance, quite impressive imho), but I digress.

I think that many parents had gotten the impression that the whole event was for under-18s, as the posters for the Yes Session Q&A said precisely that - hence there being very very young children. So there were kids who were less than 8-years-old at the front and in the mosh. Tiny children. Then lots of over 18s who were furious at the situation (having camped out and not even had the comp available to them - because adults apparently can't be FOB fans now, and being forced to watch 400 people jump the line in front of them) were about to be let in and were set on getting to the front, 8-yr-olds be damned. Most of the younger ones were lifted out by the time Hey Monday were over, thank Christ. Apparently they also had Optus kids line up next to the camped-out people, and I've been told that there was a lot of tension and heckling between the two groups (mostly from 'my' camp-out side I've been told, unfortunately) and a very poisonous atmosphere created. I was afraid for those kids. It all seemed to work out okay though, as security got most out easily.

I feel that this was partially the fault of the presenters or organisers who gave out 400 FREE tickets - who does that?! - and the venue being lazy and not holding the Q&A in a different room (though now that I think about it, there were lots of people so I can't think where they'd have had it) and having both sets of people standing next to eachother and letting tempers run so high. I don't know, but couldn't they have forseen that people who bought floor tickets might object to 400 people being in front of them? And why were the Optus sessions only available to <18s when it was an all-ages event? This does not make sense to me. Surely they could've realised that >18s might want a chance at something like that. If it's an all-ages show, I think that all ages should be given the chance to win. If it's for <18s, then by all means have kids win. It also might turn out safer for the very young kids if it's only an under 18s pit. Finally, I'm also kind of disappointed at the treatment of OCKs (nevermind the meet&greets which were happening during the support bands wtf) with Early Entry holders (buyers, arrg) who had paid double the price of normal GA tickets and were given a pretty shitty place, considering. At the barrier, which is of course great and I'm thankful, but right at the side. If I wanted to be at the side, I'd have taken my chances with normal GA.

Thank God that despite this, the show was great and FOB was amazing - as if I'd expect anything but!
:D They played possibly my two favourite FOB songs, Headfirst Slide... and The Take Over, The Break's Over, so I went home happy lol.
14th-Feb-2009 07:24 am - Holy. Shit.
wall-e: aretha hat
More bullshit from the Australian tour, courtesy of fbraustralia.



Just. I'm pissed off and this doesn't even directly affect me. *headdesk*
7th-Feb-2009 07:20 am - More AA/OCK fuckery
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All posts from fbraustralia, pertaining to the Australian tour.

Emails found in spam folder: http://community.livejournal.com/fbraustralia/430951.html

Emails from AA/OCK saying tickets will not be mailed, but have to be picked up at venues: http://community.livejournal.com/fbraustralia/431546.html

And this one, copy-pasted because the post is flocked: [DONE WITH PERMISSION, I ASKED THE POSTER]

Unbelievable!Collapse )
5th-Feb-2009 07:45 pm - Wow. Just...WTF.
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I just saw this in fbraustralia.

Apparently the meet & greets there aren't being given plus ones, among other wtfuckery.

Check it out here.

Fail. Epic fail.
11th-Dec-2008 08:17 am - Resolutions
FOB taun-taun
So we've definitely complained, and we've got questions that have been given half-assed answers.

But now it's time to put our heads together and come up with solutions to some of these problems, suggestions that actually will be coming from OCK members, and more direct questions to get more answers (with less filler and excuses.

Please refer to earlier posts regarding issues, and help us come up with ideas to present to AA to better everyone's experience.

For example: Actually USING the tiered system when it comes to ticket sales and 'lotteries'. How might they ensure that this is being enforced? By giving opportunities for the lotteries in each tier, with a set amount of tickets for each tier according to status. Or even by getting rid of the tiered system altogether, since OCK grows with every email and blog about pre-sale advertising.

Let's open up some discussion here! :D
11th-Nov-2008 02:05 pm - Hello Everyone.
FOB taun-taun
So thanks to everyone, again, I can't stress how thankful I am in your support by joining.

I want to point out that we can argue all we want on FOBR with otherwise sway-less people, but as the deadline for AA to send us the information we've requested has pretty much come up and we've yet to receive anything... it's time to take this up a notch.

Earlier on the FC twitter blog, the request was made for us (as a fanbase) to come up with issues that we are having so that they may be addressed.

Now. We cannot put anymore emphasis on the fact that we are not here to harp on the band. DO NOT--I repeat--DO. NOT. Make this an issue of band matters; i.e. Where tours are scheduled, where secret shows are done, promotional material and events provided by the band via Island Records or out of the goodness of their own hearts. We are in no way upset with any of the band members--what we ARE upset about is the fact that AA is providing (or not providing, rather) these "services", "packages", "events", "goodies", "add-ons" or whatever else they might be referred to, in the name of the band.

We realize that high gas prices, other minor effects of inflation, and cost of this recent promotion for the new album will no doubt have a striking effect on prices for shows now and in the future. We saw this with Warped Tour here in the US this summer and it was a big issue among the bands traveling and performing. We're on the edge of a recession on the financial markets here in the states, and looking at the BIG picture, the rest of the world is on edge about everything as well. We want to make it clear that among all of the other grievances we have with AA/OCK, the number one issue is the AUS/NZ VIP sales that were supposedly by OCKs, FOR OCKs, and now are for everyone who can afford it. I personally do not feel my value as a fan should be in direct proportion to the money I spend on a band, and I hope that the rest of you see and feel this same way to some extent or you wouldn't be here.

We need to get a solid list together, to present it.

And we need to do it before the end of this week.

Please head to one of these two posts (issues raised and detailed experiences)to express your personal grievances with AA/OCK, or to raise issues of concern that we might have overlooked. It does not matter what country you are from, it does not matter if you are an OCK or not, it does not matter if you plan on being one in the future or not. All that matters is that you love Fall Out Boy, you do not want to see this overcharging and devaluing happening to the fanbase, and that you are a member of this community.

That last one is kinda necessary. :D

Thanks again, everyone.

Also, don' be afraid to get the word out. Pick up the banner and get it out there! Ask around! Talk to your fellow FOB fans!
7th-Nov-2008 10:56 pm - Request for Service Level Agreement
Personal: Long Man
from Rosie <xxxxxx@gmail.com>
to Overcast Kids Membership <memberships@overcastkids.com>
date 7 November 2008 22:55
subject Customer Service
mailed-by gmail.com

To whom it may concern,

I would be extremely grateful if you could forward me a comprehensive copy of your Service Level Agreement, as pertains members of the Overcast Kids organisation.

I will expect this before Tuesday, 11 November, at 11.59pm GMT, or I'm sorry to say that this will be taken to the United States Better Business Bureau, Crush Management and any relevant higher body.

On behalf of the affronted fan community, I look forward to your speedy response.

Rosie [surname].


For those who are not familiar with business terms, a Service Level Agreement is a statement detailing the levels of customer service which can be expected by a business's clients. This usually includes such information as their projected response time for complaints, and their policy on matters such as complaint handling, refunds and escalation of unresolved issues to senior management.

(Yes, I realise the word 'to' is missing - it was accidentally edited out.)
7th-Nov-2008 11:48 am(no subject)
FOB taun-taun
FUCKCITY On the ock shit...information got sent out wrong and will be fixed. When we hear problems people have, we will do everything we can to fixit 20 minutes ago from twitterrific

We want to thank everyone who has joined so far. Seriously. I wasn't expecting this to have so many people this early on.

Please head to the previous post, because now there are calls from the guys looking for issues. This is a great opportunity.

Just a reminder, the majority of the posts in this community are members-only.
7th-Nov-2008 04:26 am - Membership
Personal: Long Man
Please note: if we have rejected your request for membership, it is because we cannot guarantee from your profile that you are not an Artist Arena employee.

If you would like to join, please ask someone else to vouch for you. Thanks.
6th-Nov-2008 11:59 pm - Promotional tools
Personal: Long Man
We now have a banner and an icon you can use to spread the word, feel free to share them around:

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